Call to DVMEGA cast users !

It seems that the latest update of the DVMEGA cast has been successfully implemented by everyone. It wasn’t easy for everyone, but with a little help every now and then it all went well. Now it’s time to prepare for the next update. First of all I would like to invite everyone to report ideas, wishes and improvements to me. We will then see if these are feasible for a next update. Anyone can send this to Thank you in advance.

DVMEGA Cast V1.31 firmware bug fix.

In the first week after the release of DVMEGA Cast V1.31, a small bug has emerged. It occurs in 2 situations.

1. If an AMBE Dongle is installed and you switch off the Cast with the power button, it will no longer start when you press the volume button.

2. If you switch off the Cast with the power button and leave it overnight, in many cases you can no longer switch it on by pressing the volume button. In either case, a power cycle is required to turn the Cast back on.

An update is available to fix this glitch. Open the dashboard with a standard browser and click Configuration. Then click Expert and Firmware. At the bottom of the update firmware page you will find a PiStar adjustment button. Click here. After about 10 sec the message that the update is complete will appear, the DVMEGA Cast will now reboot and the change has been applied. It is best to give a power cycle now.

Important Update notice !

5 day’s after the release of the DVMEGA Cast firmware update V1.31 I noticed that there are still some people who get a white screen. The reason for this is that the update of the mainboard was not performed properly. This can be caused by 2 reasons.

1. If you download a file more than once, Windows will add some sort of sequence number. …(1) on the second download and …(2) on the third download. The update mechanism cannot handle (x) brackets. Therefore always use the first download or remove the brackets.

2. You can start the update by holding down the volume button while pressing Run Upgrade. Some press and release the button for 15 sec and then press Run Upgrade. The exact procedure is A. Press and hold the volume button. B. press the Run Upgrade button and keep volume button pressend. C. hold the volume button for another 15 seconds. D. release the volume button again, the update has started.

Regards, Guus, PE1PLM

DVMEGA Cast firmware test

Today is all about the final test of the DVMEGA Cast firmware changes. The Host has been adapted to the latest version MMDVMhost, an apply button has been added to the mode selection, the AMBE server can be switched on and off from the radio, the settings you do in the radio are now also set in the Host configurate, a roger beep has been added that you can turn on and off and of course the memory list with which you can quickly go to your favorite reflector, talkgroup or room. Before the update is released I want to have the documentation completely in order. The final release is expected to be next Monday (27-09-2021)

Sales release DVMEGA EuroNode

The EuroNode is the most complete and multi-deployable hotspot at the moment. It has standard WiFi, and a LAN connection is available. The EuroNode is a stand-alone solution and can be used almost anywhere. At home, on the road or elsewhere. A WIFI or LAN connection is sufficient to make contact with the rest of the Amateur Radio world.

Watch the instructional video :

If you are interested in the DVMEGA EuroNode, please contact your local reseller.

Globetrotter firmware update 1.6 Beta version!

A Globetrotter firmware update is available. It is now possible to enter a WIFI password longer than 12 characters. It is a Beta version. If you want to test this version, you must activate the Beta tester function. If you are a Beta tester already powercycle or reset the Globetrotter to install this update.

I expect to release this version around June 8th. If you want to go back to the final version after an update to this Beta version, you can do so by simply turning off the Beta tester function. After a power cycle or reset the last released version will be reinstalled.

Watch this video if you want to learn more about how to become a Beta tester. Fast foreward to 5:50 min, the topic starts there.