Sales release DVMEGA Globetrotter

By using the Globetrotter in combination with BlueDV, you have a powerful digital voice communication tool that allows you to communicate from anywhere to anyone with just a simple internet connection.

The Globetrotter is basically an AMBE server and AMBE dongle in one. It can be switched between server and dongle in a few simple steps. With the server active you can connect your Android BlueDV AMBE app to the Globetrotter anywhere within range of the internet (WIFI). It is also possible to use the Globetrotter on the road while it is physically at your home.

Watch the instructional video :

If you are interested in the DVMEGA Globetrotter, please contact your local reseller.

Update and registration server URL change.

Announcement of change of registration and update server URL. Previously, the update and registration server could be reached via and This has now been changed to and The manual will be adapted as soon as possible.

Guus, PE1PLM

Update week 21

Actually, there is not much to report about last week’s work.

However, an undesirable status regarding the off state of the DVMEGA Cast has become clear. The connection to, in case of D-Star, the reflector is maintained when the device is switched off. REF001 is currently so busy that measures had to be taken and the maximum number of connected stations limited. So, staying connected in an off state is not so neat. I will take action on this soon.

Guus, PE1PLM

Update week 20

This week the DVMEGA Cast mainboard update V1.29 became available online. The entire call drop and disconnect on demand is a difficult story. The network structure is not built to stop the stream during a QSO. Some networks have the option to stop the stream, others do not. If i look at the options and functions that i want to implement next, such as the drop down lists with reflector / room / talkgroup preferences, these functions must be realized with a work around as well.

This weekend I will consider whether it is wise to build the host software myself. As it stands, this gives many advantages with regard to the upcoming changes. It will also benefit the boot speed.

A nice weekend and stay safe !

Guus, PE1PLM.