DVMEGA Cast V1.31 firmware bug fix.

In the first week after the release of DVMEGA Cast V1.31, a small bug has emerged. It occurs in 2 situations.

1. If an AMBE Dongle is installed and you switch off the Cast with the power button, it will no longer start when you press the volume button.

2. If you switch off the Cast with the power button and leave it overnight, in many cases you can no longer switch it on by pressing the volume button. In either case, a power cycle is required to turn the Cast back on.

An update is available to fix this glitch. Open the dashboard with a standard browser and click Configuration. Then click Expert and Firmware. At the bottom of the update firmware page you will find a PiStar adjustment button. Click here. After about 10 sec the message that the update is complete will appear, the DVMEGA Cast will now reboot and the change has been applied. It is best to give a power cycle now.