Important Update notice !

5 day’s after the release of the DVMEGA Cast firmware update V1.31 I noticed that there are still some people who get a white screen. The reason for this is that the update of the mainboard was not performed properly. This can be caused by 2 reasons.

1. If you download a file more than once, Windows will add some sort of sequence number. …(1) on the second download and …(2) on the third download. The update mechanism cannot handle (x) brackets. Therefore always use the first download or remove the brackets.

2. You can start the update by holding down the volume button while pressing Run Upgrade. Some press and release the button for 15 sec and then press Run Upgrade. The exact procedure is A. Press and hold the volume button. B. press the Run Upgrade button and keep volume button pressend. C. hold the volume button for another 15 seconds. D. release the volume button again, the update has started.

Regards, Guus, PE1PLM