Update week 19

As indicated last week, the start of the call drop has been made.

The implementation is ready for D-Star.

It is a lot more complicated for DMR. At this point, the link will not be broken until the end of the pass. It is possible to do this immediately, but that require intervention on the host. I am working on this now.

There is no solution for Fusion yet, again we are thinking very hard about this at the moment.

In general the call drop function can be activated via a key on the MIC. This is currently chosen because you do not have to update the display.

Furthermore, the display continues to start when you activate the Hotspot mode.

These modification will be released next Monday in Version 1.29. Further DMR call drop possibilities, reflector / talkgroup / room preset memory and dimmable display is planned for Version 1.30.

Regards, Guus PE1PLM.