Firmware update.

Hereby an update regarding the implementation of call drop and reflector disconnect on demand. It was an obvious solution for D-Star. The host accepts an unlink command while a QSO is in progress. This is the solution for D-Star. For DMR it is a bit more complicated. With DMR it is simply impossible to disconnect a talk group or reflector during a QSO. At the moment, a solution has been chosen in which the reflector or talk group is automatically disconnected at the end of the passage. There is no solution for Fusion yet, we will think about that. Operation is simple by pressing P2 (on the MIC) the moment you want to disconnect.

An update has also been made to the image. It is now possible to expand the file system (SD Card) to maximum size via the FW Update page. You can already activate this function by doing an update via the dashboard.

Then there is another comment that I do not want to leave unmentioned. Since we have started using the new update server, it is possible to download an update several times in a row. With a Windows PC, as an example, the filename will be extended with (1) or (2) depending on how often you downloaded the file. The moment you want to upload a file with the (*) extension to your DVMEGA Cast that will not work. In this case you need to remove the (*) addition from the file name.

So far ….. DVMEGA Team.